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Executive Power

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The Executive Power is basically giving the President the power to issue executive orders, to execute the laws, and to appoint key federal officials. The armed forces, social security , gun control, minimum   wages, affirmative action, environmental protection, air traffic safety, immigration, housing, taxes that’s only a couple of duties they have to be in charge of while being in office. For example if the President wants to raise the wages right now he could do so if he has authority from the Constitution if his following the basic principles and if they look appropriate. Another example if how President George W. Bush took actions against Iraq, he was the one that decided to make those decisions so for that now we have to deal with a lot of our relatives dying. The Removal Power is basically the power to remove is the other side of the appointment coin, and it is as critically important to presidential success as the power to appoint. Yet, except for mention of the little used impeachment process, the Constitution does not say how or by whom appointed officers ma be dismissed, whether for incompetence, for opposition to presidential policies, or for any other cause. A good example of a Removal Power would have to be the President taking advantage of his Executive Powers which basically is saying that he could do anything he wants but by the he might take advantage of an employee and fired him for no good reason but that’s just the Power he has and he could do so as long as he follows the rules. Another example is by him trying to remove himself from office which he can’t do unless his in illness or sick or dead. And that’s when the Vice President takes his place. Diplomatic and Military Powers the President shares various diplomatic and military powers with Congress, but in some areas the President power is almost unlimited. The President usually acts through the secretary of state, negotiates international agreements.   He also has the power to make...


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