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Economics: a Rising Demand

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They stepped out of the machine and grasped the bars of the machine. As a
wave of nausea rolled across them. Raveen gasped for fresh air and simultaneously punched his fists to his temples and shut his eyes.

Soon as he felt better he snapped open his eyes.
And croaked to suneesh “You okay?”
“Yeah, I suppose…” he breathed as slowly straightened up, another wave of nausea rolled across him which had nothing to do with giddiness….they were back in time…!!
As soon he Suneesh followed the suit and he too straightened up and blanched .Now that they had come to think about it, Raveen slowly said “What about mum? She would ground me for the entire year if she gets to know that I’m not in my room. And on top of it she’s going to completely freak out .But ……on the second hand what could be better than for being in that particular time? I guess, buddy let’s not let this chance elude it’s too intriguing to let it slip….
Suneesh heard the short speech made by him and shut his eyes and pondered over it for a while.
“I suppose you’re right let’s do this.” he said in a morose voice with a deep sigh.

But first thing they thought id to get changed from their jeans, jersey and boots. They stealthily crept out of the machine and a beeline towards the visible shops in distance. Peculiar! The shops were open but empty. Good for us! Watching the shops of 1754 was a real treat they thought silently.

“They are so colourful and nice. They gave a nice aroma and showed the real colours of India, “remarked Raveen.
“hmm….there is only one word to describe them …”cool”, replied Suneesh.
“Hear! Hear! ,” replied Raveen heartily.

They were really intrigued by the shops and continued exploring them till they saw a clothes shop and with a jolt remembered they had to change.
They stepped into the shop which was offering an ostentatious display and selected from a wide range of clothing a simple kurata pajama.
“Aren’t these a bit toooo old fashioned? Can’t we just stay I...


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