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Evidence of Evolution

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Evidence of Evolution
Evolution is a change in the genetic composition of a population during successive generations. Over years and years, people have been debating on the origins of Earth, life, and the universe. Scientists and theologians have both given their ideas and thoughts about it through writing. There is the theory of evolution, and then there is creationism. To me, I don’t see the conflict between a faith in God, or gods, and the evidence and proof of evolution.
There are many examples of evidence of evolution. One example is through comparative anatomy. Embryology is the similarity of the structures of embryos of two or more species. Embryonic cattle have upper front teeth, but cows do not because there is no need for the teeth. The embryos of baleen whales have teeth, though the adults do not: obviously teeth are of no use in the womb. The embryos of human, cows, fish, pig, and tortoise, at the beginning stages of development, have similar structures like the number of gill arches and the vertebral column. Another example of evolution can be found in vestigial structures. Whales, and other cetaceans, have bone structures that are comparable and alike the bone structures of their ancestors, who strolled on land.
Though there is reasonable evidence to evolution, there is also reasonable evidence of creationism. However in both ideas, there must be some source of where everything started. Whether God (or gods) created life, or all organisms are from a common decent, everyone is going to have their own beliefs about the origin of life. I believe that there doesn’t have to be a conflict between evolution and creationism; both are reasonable.


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