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Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement. Classmates Are a More Important Influence Than Parents on a Child's Success in School. Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Answer.

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I believe that parents have more influence on a child's school success than
classmates do. Classmates have an important social influence on each other,
especially as they get older, but the influence ofparents is stronger than this.
Parents are the most imp011ant model a child has, parents love their children,
and they have expectations of them. All of these things are imp011ant influences on
a child's success in school.
Parents are imp011ant role models for their children. Young children like to
copy other children, but they like to copy adults 111OreW. ben children see their
parents read, they read too. wpen children hear their parents talk about books or
news orpolitics, they will think these are interesting subjects, too. Children may
learn other things from their classmates, but the examples they get from their
parents are stronger.
Parents are the most important people who love and care for a child. Children
know how important this is, and they love their parents, too. They may have close
friends in school, but their feelings for their parents are more important. Jjthey feel
loved and cared for at home, they will have the necessary confidence to do well in
Parents have expectations for their children. They expect them to behave well
and be good people and be successful in school. Children want toplease their
parents so they try tofulfill their parents' expectations. They want to be nice to their
classmates and get along with them, but this is not the same as fulfilling their
parents' expectations.
Many people have influence on children while they are growing up, but
parents are the ones who have the strongest influence. They are the most imp011ant
role models their children have, they love them the most, and they have the greatest
expectations of them. Nobody can influence a child more than a parent can.


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