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"In Order to Save a Considerable Amount of Money, Rockingham's Century-Old Town Hall Should Be Torn Down and Replaced by the Larger and More Energy-Efficient Building That Some Citizens Have Proposed. the Old Town Hall

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This is true that if we replace the Rockingham’s century-old town hall with a newly energy-efficient building then it helps us saving a huge amount of money. Because the newer technology are always better than the older. Also by renting out a part of the building we can earn a good price.
But then how far it’ll be good to raze an ancient building ? This is the reminiscence of the past which reminds us many facts that happened in the past. By looking at the old building we can imagine how was the civilization in the past. If we are not replacing the old building by the new one then by looking at it our offspring can know how the technology helped us to live in a better condition.
The offspring will not confined just within the academic idea, but will get a complete picture of the historical constructions. The lineament of the old ancient building always attracts the lovers of art and history.
This old building gives us an emotional touch to our busy mind. However busy we would be in our lives, but during leisure when we see the old building it reminds us many facts those we might not have seen but studied in our books.
Though I know the fact of saving the money and energy , I don’t accede to replace the old building with a new one. Rather I would like to suggest to preserve the old building by transforming   it to a museum. We can keep our antiques inside the building and attract many number of visitors. For this of course we have to add a massive security system to the old building. But there are several benefits we’ll get from this transformation. This new proposal will make the town a historical place which will attract many visitors. So this will eventually help the native people to grow their business.
Thus if we transform the old town hall building to a museum we can fulfill our both the goals. First to save money and second to preserve the ancient property. So a second thought is definitely needed before razing the Rockingham’s century-old town hall.


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