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College Tuition

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College Tuition on the Rise
College has become more expensive then ever before and it will continue to rise each year. When it comes to education, majority of us will agree that students should further their education after high-school. Unfortunately with college tuition rising each year this is becoming more and more of an unreachable goal to some of us. According to College Board Figures, College inflation has been higher then general inflation by at least 1.5% since 1958. According to CQ the reason for this is capital spending, overpaid faculty, and more qualified applicants. Issues such as education require time to be fixed, and although some of us who are already in college or planning to go to college soon don’t have time; there are certain things that we can do to cope with college. The best advice would be to stay at home if possible, apply for Federal Student Aid and learn to save money.
We cannot ignore the fact that college tuition is becoming more and more out of reach for students each year. This becomes a problem in our society when education speaks for itself and four-year graduate makes well over forty-thousand dollars a year more then a high-school graduate. We cannot ignore the fact that becoming educated means we strive for a better future and a healthier environment. Unfortunately if tuition continues to rise attending college will simply be out of reach for some of us.

Capital spending may be one of the biggest factors contributing to college being so expensive. Ronal G. Ehrenberg in his book “Tuition Rising” explains the race among the top schools in the nation to simply have the best of everything: the best faculty, the best technology, and the best sports. But it’s not just the top schools it’s also all schools that want good rankings so they can attract applicants. With this they are willing to throw away large amounts of money on bigger gyms, better dining facilities and concert halls. This is a waste when all this money could be...


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