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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Summary and Response

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I. Summary
Now living with the Widow Douglas, Huck Finn is separated from his drunken father who is only involved for his son’s money. As Huck escapes from his old known way of living, he fakes his own death and runs off to an island a few miles down a river nearby. Here, Huck finds a slave, Jim, owned by the Widow.   As the stick together, they go on an adventure up the Mississippi River with both freedom and an ideal place to call home. On their journey, they come across many characters, such as the Duke and Dauphin and learned a great deal of things, the most important being the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. Eventually, Huck also comes across a known friend, Tom Sawyer.   Tom’s Aunt and Uncle confuse Jim as an escaped slave; however that is not the case. The widow left him as a free man when she had passed away. Eventually Jim is let go by Tom convincing his aunt he is a freed slave. Jim also informs Huck that his father has been dead for some time and Huck may return back home.   Huck confesses he is glad to be done with the story and despite Tom’s family’s hopes to adopt and care for Huck, he intends to travel west into Indian Territory.

II. Response
The character who interests me the most is Huck Finn. For as young as he is, he has the will to change who he is, to become a better person while still thriving to continue his free-will personality. While living with the Widow at the beginning, Huck wanted to strive to become more educated and knowledgeable. This point in his life also makes him miss the way things were with his freedom and unconcerned guardians. As his father gets more and more into the picture, Huck barely has the chance be alone now. Huck cannot stand his father’s typical urge to beat him while his father is under the influence, and figures he needs to be on his own in order to function in an appropriate manner. Throughout the novel, Huck has no problem at all fending and caring for himself. He is not a very needy child who...


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