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      A. (Skit) Everyday hundreds of students all around the world face a situation just like that, because some jerk didn’t do their homework and procrastinated until the deadline of that assignment, and as a result they go towards responsible students who do the assignment and ask to copy the homework, easy as that. I am not going to deny that I have copied off another person’s work, yes I have, in fact pretty much everyone here has, but there’s a limit of those who don’t care about their school responsibilities simply copy of others, every single day.

      B. People who copy off other’s work are considered indolent and brainless, and that really irritates me.


      Students who decide to do something else besides do their work, which is due the next day or so, find it easy to simply ask classmates for their work and copy. Cheaters soon begin to develop a cheating habit, and this really bugs me because..

      A. Reasons

1 I and others put effort and time into our homework, only to have an incompetent come up to me and ask me if they can copy my homework. Why should the cheater receive the same amount of credit as me, easily receiving answers to the homework that took me a lot more time than it did for the copier to cheat off my work?

3 Lazy people simply annoy me, it bugs me that I am able to do something or at least try! ; While Joeshmoe is very lazy to even use his/her brain and do an easy piece of worksheet.

      B. 99% of students have been the “victim” of a copy cater.
          One time in my class, our class received a small packet of worksheets to do over break. I worked on it and put my time and effort on that packet, I put in time researching information and everything. It took me a total of about 5 hours. The day that the packet was due nameless came to me asking me to see my packet (this was early in the beginning of the day) and my packet was visibly showing, I mean I didn’t know this person was going to...


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