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Benefist of Volunteering

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Volunteer work is getting involved in the community by giving time and energy for the benefits of others without any payment. Doing volunteer work in our community make things a little better for someone and for ourself because we can learn new things and we can adapt the new things we learn in our personal life.   Volunteering in our community has several benefits such as social networking, social skills, and preparing students for a career.
First of all, benefit of volunteering in our community is the social networking.   By doing volunteer work in the community the social networking is expands and we meet many people similar interests,   and also we may build a true friendship with them. Volunteers have a possibility to find a job quickly because they have more resources than before, or the new friends may recommend them to their employer.   Moreover, volunteering in the community offers an opportunity for new immigrants because new immigrants can easily learn and adapt to the Canadian culture.
Second, volunteer work improves social skills. A volunteer experience will improve our interpersonal communications because we interact with someone and our self confidence will increase.   Some people find it difficult to talk to someone else, but if we socialize we become more comfortable communicating and listening to others.   In addition, doing volunteer works helps us to we become good and responsible leaders because we are committed to attend the activities and to organize the staff meeting.   Also, if we do volunteer work we become broader minded because we can see and hear the different kinds of problems in our society and we might consider what other people think.  
Lastly, volunteer work prepares students for their career.   Many students don’t know what career they should pursue when they finish high school, so many students do volunteer work to find which career is suitable for them.   Furthermore, many college or high school students cannot afford to pay their...


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