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Review of Diary of Anne Frank

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Title: The Diary of Anne Frank         Author: Anne Frank

What I know about the author:
Anne Frank is one of the most renowned and most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Acknowledged for the quality of her writing, her diary has become one of the world's most widely read books, and has been the basis for several plays and films.

A brief outline:
This story talks about their life in their hiding place. As Jews was “hunted”, and they were Jews they needed to hide if not they will be sent to concentration camp and die. They hid in their Father’s office building. It talks about Anne’s feelings, action towards all the other people hiding with her and her feelings upon hearing the sound of the war.

Describe three important things that you have learnt from this book and how you have applied them in your daily life.

  1. They were well- prepared for the war. There were clothes, books, radio etc when they went into hiding. Even though Singapore is quite a peaceful and there is no war, we should be prepared for the worst always. You never know when something happens. You cannot predict the future.

  2. They were on guard. When anyone entered the building, they will keep as quiet as a mouse and try not to make a single noise. When in time of emergency or should I say we must always be on guard no matter what. For example, fire. You cannot depend on the fire truck to come at that minute, second when the building is on fire.

  3. They were very calm under and circumstances. When they heard the gun shots coming from outside. Yes, they were scared but they did not scream. Anne Frank was very determined. She kept telling herself that the war will end soon and she will sell her diary. Like us, in times of darkness, all we do is just sweep our problems underneath the carpet and not care about it. We should all learnt that when we are hit with difficult situation, all we need is to remain calm and try solving the problem as best as you can.


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