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Eun Yi
Rough Draft 1
Can Paper Actually Beat Rock?
Remember the game we use to play when we were all little kids; where in some cases if the opponent lost, he or she had to do something? Yes, that game: Rock Paper Scissors. In Rock Paper Scissors, the rock bends or smashes the scissors, making the scissor useless. The scissor cuts the paper, and obviously, the scissor wins. It makes perfect sense, but how does the paper beat scissors? It’s physically impossible for paper to beat scissors.
The rock can beat the scissors and the scissors can beat the paper, but the rock cannot beat the paper. It does not make sense because the rock and the paper are both inanimate objects and the rock is definitely stronger in terms of physical structure. In the game, the paper obviously wraps around the rock defeating it but there is no damage on the rock. It’s not like the paper is suffocating the rock and if they actually were animate objects, the paper will rip from squeezing the rock too hard or the rock will just rip up the paper. In reality, there is damage to the paper; it becomes wrinkly when it wraps around the rock and a wrinkly paper means it goes in the trashcan. To sum it all up, the rock beats the scissor and the paper. It can even beat humans too because it we fall on rocks or trip over them, we can die but the damage a paper can do to a human is just a mere paper cut; very harmless. We take notes on paper and we draw on paper and we can shred it to pieces if we want too but the paper cannot do anything to us. Just by pouring water onto the paper or stepping on it will ruin it.
Other people do believe that the paper can beat the rock. Instead of a structural damage, it’s more of an emotional distress. When the paper wraps around the rocks, the rock cannot see what’s going on, therefore loses to the paper or the rock believes it nighttime and goes to sleep. Someone actually told me that the paper makes the rock into a wrapped gift making the rock...


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