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Pontiacs War

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Dane Eremenko
      for George Hoffman
      Due March 26, 2010
      History 101

      The Pontiac uprising was a rebellion between some Native American’s and the British, with the help of the French Canadians. The Ottawa chief Pontiac was among the group of Ottawa, and asked for the help of three other tribes, Huron, Chippewa, and Potawatomi. Before getting into Pontiacs War we need to rewind and look before the war began.   Pontiac, and Amherst had participated in the 7 years war that took place in 1756, and ended in 1763.   The 7 years war was a war between France and Britain, mainly taking place at the Plains of Abraham.   The war ended with Britain defeating the French, and then began the British invasion of Canada, or British North America. The Pontiac resistance was launched in April 1763, which was a war between the British, and some Natives tribes in North America.   The main men in the rebellion were Chief Pontiac, who was central to the resistance, and Jeffrey Amherst a British commander.   Chief Pontiac was the leader of the Natives, who followed Neolin.   Neolin was a Delaware Prophet who was the fuel to the fire.   Jeffrey Amherst was a cruel, and arrogant General for the British.   In 1763 the treaty of Paris was signed, and the natives feared that they might lose their lands, and their way of living.   Pontiac’s Rebellion ended in 1764, but Pontiac did not surrender until July 1766.   Pontiac’s vision was to stop the white settlers from taking over their land.
      The aspect played by native religious leaders was to come back and even the score with the resistance.   Prophet Neolin warned his people against allowing the whites and especially the British to dwell on their soil.   Delaware prophet said, ”I warn you that if you allow the English among you, you are dead, maladies, smallpox, and their poison will destroy you totally.”1 Neolin even encouraged his people to deny anything from the whites and to wipe them out.   The Native had...


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