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Citizens of the Eu Are Still Not Fully Ready to Commit to the Organisation

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We all have our personal points of view regarding the European Union and we are all open to it in our own specific way. For some a love of European cinema qualifies them as being pro-European, for others it are their many trips to its cities. Although these are good reasons, they are not sufficient in expressing one’s true commitment to this union. And in times like these, it has never been more important to take a stand in this geopolitical debate.

First of all we need to clarify a bit about the history of the European Union, but in order to be complete we would have to go back thousands of years and visit important characters such as Charlemagne, Napoleon and many others. So we will just have to settle for a shortened version that focuses on the period after the Second World War. The year is nineteen fifty-two. The European Steel and Coal Community is founded. Its main goal is to regulate the supply of steel and coal. Six years later the European Economic Community is established. Its goal had shifted to encompass all economic activity. The last transformation occurred in ’93, the year the European Union was formed. A staggering number of five hundred million people fell under one central organisation whose main goal had become “United in diversity”.

As of today the union holds twenty-seven nations under its wing and all of them have joined voluntarily. So what we need to ask ourselves is: “How did they join this union?”. You could say that they joined by way of an official treaty or through legislations which are practically impossible to describe. But the truth is, there is only one answer to this question: the Copenhagen criteria. This consists of three rules: first, a country has to posses a working form of democracy. Second, it must have a functioning market economy and thirdly the country must embrace human rights. Bear in mind that, for us Western-minded...


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