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The Perfect Body

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What makes the perfect body? What does the perfect body look like? How can you get one? These are questions that have baffled America’s society for years. For most women the perfect body is a proportionally larger chest and hips, and a smaller, slimmer waist. For men the ideal body would be six pack abs and biceps, etc. The perfect body is a healthy body both inside and out. It is fully functional and is rid of any diseases and/or illnesses.
      For years both men and women have been trying to reach a common goal, which could sometimes seem unattainable. The goal is having a perfect body, or one that looks like it. There are two main ways one could do that: diet and exercise or surgery.
      The safest, and to what most believe, the most effective way to create and maintain a perfect body is through a healthy diet and exercise. With exercise and the right diet you could develop your core and tone your muscles, thus creating a slimmer you.   A healthy diet ensures that your body stays functional; giving you the right energy you need to exercise. With the right diet and nutrients your body needs you ultimately create the perfect ‘internal’ body simply meaning that there is nothing going wrong with your insides. If your insides are working properly, your outside won’t be so hard to work on.
      The alternative to creating the perfect body can be seen as cheating. Surgery:   liposuction, tummy tucks, gastric bypass, etc. It’s the fastest way to lose weight and is quite effective. Some people use it to get rid of stubborn fat they could never get rid of. Others use it just because they don’t want to do the work to get that body they want while very few use it because they are too obese to loose the weight themselves. Although surgery doesn’t really do anything to create the perfect ‘internal’ body, not to say that one doesn’t already possess the trait,   it does give you the same effect on the exterior; meaning it ‘appears’ that you have the perfect body.


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