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Global Economic Change Essay

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Since the 19th century, industrialization has had positive and negative effects on the lives of workers. The Industrial Revolution shifted the world balance of power, many nations had competition between each other when they were industrialized, increased poverty took place in less-developed nations to. The industrialization is the process by which manufacturing industries develop from within a predominantly agrarian society. During the Industrial Revolution, many people found new characteristics of life to help solve things. These characteristics include the application of scientific methods to solving problems, mechanization and a factory system, the division of labour, the growth of the money economy, and the increased mobility of the labour force-both geographically and socially. In this essay, you will read about how the industrialization has affected the lives of the people in Great Britain during the 19th century time period.
The Industrialization has happened to many nations in the past but Great Britain were one of the first to be affected by it. It mainly started in the 19th century and it had many pros and cons for the workers in Britain. One example of how industrialization changed the lives of a worker is that they worked for MINIMUM wage in factories. Some people would work 16 hours long for literally a penny a hour, and that is a fact. No factory workers would be treated right, they worked in harsh conditions, and they were forced to do what the overseers told them to do. Not doing the right thing resulted in being whipped by a horse whip from the overseer who stood behind some workers watching them do there job so they do it correctly. These workers included children to, if they were late for work by 10-15 minutes or something like that, this would result in half of there payment to be gone. Many of the the workers would walk to the factory and they lived far away, they had mini lunch breaks during this job to. A good affect that the...


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