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The Kingdom of God Essay

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If Jesus’ diagnosis of the human problem was in terms of the heart, the implication must be that he saw the coming of the kingdom as the solution to the problem and as bringing inner cleansing of the soul and spiritual truth if we believe in Him. In this essay, will be looking on the teaching of the Kingdom of God in the Lucan parables and then comparing it to the teaching of the Kingdom in the Sermon of the Mount in Matthew 5-7.
One of the forms used most often by Jesus in his teaching was the parable. A parable is an extended metaphor, simple a story based on everyday kinds of events. These narratives or comparisons could be easily understood by those who heard them because they fit into the experience of the common folk of Judea and Galilee. Most had seen a sower out his net, or a woman mixing leaven in dough. Our term “parable” is a transliteration of the Greek word parabole, which means a “comparison.” The most important purpose of the parable was to simplify, clarify, and illuminate a spiritual truth.
As Niswonger, state it that during the Jesus Perean ministry period is primarily found in Luke’s Gospel. Much of the material recorded by Luke in this section is distinctive to his Gospel. Luke provides at least seventeen parables not found elsewhere. Some of these distinctive parables are the Good Samaritan (10:25-37). Jesus told this parable to an expert of law who wanted to inherit eternal life. The law expert treated the wounded man as a topic for discussion; the robbers, as an object to exploit; the priest, as a problem to avoid; and the Levite, as an object of curiosity. Only the Samaritan treated him as a person of love.  
The same way Jesus taught us about our wealth in the following parable, the rich fool (12:16-21) He told this parable to some who ask Jesus’ “teacher tell my brother to divine his inheritance with me. The rich men in Jesus’ story die before he could use what was stored in his big barns. Jesus was teaching that if you accumulate...


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