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Protect Yourself Form the Internet

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Recent year, many students often access Internet blogs and different social network. Facebook is one of the favorite websites student love to visit. Students are willing to share their life to the public. They upload their photos to the internet and make friends. They do care to show their privates, however, it is quite dangerous.
  I have had an experience when using internet. When I was a Form four student. I often   made friends on the internet. They asked me many questions. Some of the questions was about my family, which was very private for me. Therefore, I did not answered them. After a few days, one of the boy asked for me phone number and he wanted to dated my out. I felt strange that I had only know him for one week on the internet. I did not give my phone number to him, and never chat with him again.
After some months, I told my friends about this, they said that I am right.   Chatting with people you do not know on the internet was a danger. Especially with the people who keep on asking for your information.
Keep your own private is recommended.   Students loved to make friends on the internet should be aware. Students should not tell their home address, ID card number, credit card number, and phone number to the strangers.   Also, students should not go out with their internet’s friends. If they really want to go, just find some friends to go with.
However, some students may think that they will lost their freedom to say. Student see those social website as a platform for them to say what they want. As there are many pressure in their daily life, they need a place to share how they feel. I am not going to forbid students’ speech, I think it is necessary for them to learn how to protect themselves.            
  Students can tell their age, sex and their favorites if they want to. However, for protection, telling their private information is not supported. Some of the people may tell lies on the internet. Telling those fake things is also not...


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