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Youth Worker

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Stacy Clark

Youth Philosophy

Feb. 8, 2009

                                  Why a youth workers spiritual life is vitally important.

      The two most important factors for an effective youth ministry are prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit which are equally important for a healthy spiritual life. Our relationship with God should be our first priority, and affects every area of our life. If our relationship with God is not right then serving God effectively is impossible. Working with youth may be the job God has given, but the overwhelming desire to please the Lord should be the main motivation. If a youth worker’s spiritual life is suffering then he will be out of tune with God and will therefore have little desire to please Him.

      Burn out is very common among Christian workers. When the ministry becomes just a burden and the desire and enthusiasm that they once had is no longer there it often means that they have burned out. It takes God’s strength every day to serve him and when we try to do it in our own power we won’t last very long. We have to be very close to the Lord to let Him do the work through us. When our spiritual life is suffering and we are not able to draw from that tower of strength we will be left with only our strength to lean on and that does not last very long at all. Doing it in our own strength also means making many unnecessary mistakes and people getting hurt along the way. When a person is in the ministry their life affects so many people and many times do not even know that people are watching us to see if we are going to live what we preach. When they see failure in our spiritual lives they may begin to fail as well thinking, if you can’t live for God then they certainly cannot. Our spiritual life has to stay on track in order for our words to mean anything.

      Hard times come to all of God’s children, but it seems that those who are in full time Christian service get hit extra hard sometimes. The...


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