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English Language

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If one wants to speak English fluently, the first condition is, remove the fear from

your mind. English is not like a terrible wild animal. It is as nice as a cow.

This cow will not kick you, it will lick you. It will offer you tasty milk.

It is not a ghost or a giant that will kill you. It is a very simple and beautiful

language. It is like a girl whose name is spoiled unnecessarily. It is really

Innocent. English is not like a dirty or ugly girl. It is like a pretty girl. Just remove

The mask worn by English and you will definitely find it easy, interesting and


If you want to learn bicycle, you should not be afraid of falling down. If you want

to learn swimming you can not be afraid of water. In the same way, if you want to

learn English, you should not be afraid of it.

So don’t be scared, don’t hate it. Go ahead, go near it make friendship with it.

You will find it very friendly indeed.

You have to learn the basic things and drive the car of English in your own way.

You may make mistakes, but in this drive no one will be killed. It will be a joyride

for you. It will improve with the passage of time. It is important to speak. Errors

do not matter in the initial stage.

So, grab the key and start your car of English Langauge.


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