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Plant Culture

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            Plant tissue culture is a process whereby small pieces of living tissues explants from the plant organs such as embryos, shoots, roots and flower or parts of the plant tissues like the cells, callus and protoplast are isolated from an organisms and grown aseptically on a nutrient medium under controlled conditions (in vitro). The aseptic refer to the growth of plant tissues under condition that is free from microbial contaminants either from the bacteria, yeast or fungi. A proper sterilization technique is important in order to produce a friable and healthy callus as well as to make sure the successful in the tissue culture. All work must be done in the laminar flow and there are categories of sterilization which is the preparation of sterile equipments, produce or obtain sterile explants and lastly maintenance of the sterile conditions. Plant tissue culture technique also involves the media preparation and the most commonly used is the media that described by Murashige and Skoog (1962) which is known as MS media. The media formulation may contain all components which are macronutrients, micronutrients, carbon source, hormone (PGRs), vitamins and solidifying agent needed for the growth and development of the plants and some type of media may lack of several elements. Callus is an unorganized, growing and dividing mass of cells that can be induce and growth on a media that contains all basic components especially the media that contain high concentration of auxin. The callus cell then can contribute to the induction of suspension cells.

            The field of plant tissue culture is based on the premise that’s plants can be separated into their component parts either organs, tissues or cells, which can then be manipulated in vitro and then grown back to complete plants (Trigiano & Gray, 2000). Efficient plant regeneration from cultured cells and tissues requires successful application of biotechnology in crop...


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