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Quarantine is a 2008 remake of the Spanish film [REC]. It’s directed by John Erick Dowdle and written by him and his brother Drew Dowdle.  The plot of the movie is extremely simple.  A reporter (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) are spending a shift shadowing the LA Fire Department.  They go after them following a medical emergency call and quickly the situation spins out of control leading to them as well as the firemen, some police officers, and the buildings inhabitants all being quarantined.  It’s shot in a first person point of view as if everything you see is what the cameraman caught, similar to a “Blair Witch Project” or “Cloverfield” and “Paranormal Activity”.
The movie doesn’t have beginning credits, and we just see the name of the producing company (Screen Gems) on the screen. The movie opens with “Angela Vidal” as reporter and we see fire department in her back ground, in these scenes the introducing of Angela is stopped due to car voices and horning of that and she starting to introduce her again , actually the director use this technique for emphasis on dialog and sound in the movie.
In the beginning of the movie when Angela introduces herself, the director use static camera, but he uses hand held camera for the most of the scenes.
We see this movie from Scott's eyes as camera man, and the audience doesn’t see Scott, while his face is rarely seen, his voice lends gravity to the proceedings.
In the following scenes Angela starts to make a report from members of the fire department, in one of the scenes she is installing a microphone to a fire man and she turns back to the camera and says “are you filming this?”; in my opinion this shot means the audience see all of the scenes with all of the details and they don’t lose any scenes.

In that shot, Angela tells the fire man “don’t worry about camera, pretend it’s not even there”, the director uses this dialog and technique for decreasing the distance between the audience and the...


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