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Summary of 1-4

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Chapter and Summary
• A plane crashes on an inhabited island.
• Two boys Piggy and Ralph meet each other and discuss about their plans on being rescued on the island. Ralph finds a conch and blows, this causes all the other boys to follow the sound and were lead rite to Piggy and Ralph.
• Jack and his choir members arrive upon hearing the conch (Simon is part of the choir group).
• Jack and Ralph introduce each other and the rest of the kids decide who should be their leader, which Ralph had won majority of. Ralph let’s Jack be the leader of his choir aka “hunters”.
• Later that day, the boys (Ralph, Simon and Jack) set off on an expedition exploring the island.
• They see a boulder and decide to push it off the cliff for thrill. On their way back the boys discover pigs on the island but jack was determined he would lay his hands on one.

• Jack calls for a meeting with the conch
• Piggy states that no one knows that we have currently crash landed here
• Ralph suggests a signal fire for planes and ships passing by
• They collect a lot of wood and light the fire using piggy’s glasses
• The fire gets out of hand and ends up burning a side of the island
• The mulberry boy goes missing and Ralph’s ashamed of what happened

• Jack leaves to hunt for a pig in the woods
• Ralph is irritated because Simon and him were the only ones working on building shelters and they were constantly falling apart
• Shelters were built to keep the fear of the beast away from the children’s minds
• Jack does not help and Ralph quits and leaves
• Simon rests after everyone leaves (watching the sunset)

• Life becomes a pattern.
• The littluns play during the day and seek for safety during the night (in fear of the beast).
• The fruits on the island become infected and start to cause diarrhoea for the children. Roger and Maurice go around destroying sand castles made by some littluns.
• The hunters finally catch a pig but lose out on the signal fire which...


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