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Superiority…Why so Funny?

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Superiority…Why So Funny?
The superiority theory of humor is the theory that people laugh at the expense of other people’s faults. We laugh at jokes that focus on people’s mistakes, stupidity, and misfortune. We do this to make ourselves feel superior and better than the other person. Many people find jokes like these funny. Others think that jokes like these are not funny at all. The Darwin Awards are like this. Some people think they are funny and like to laugh at other people to make themselves feel better; but some people think they are stupid, and think that people should not laugh at other people that have died. Reasons why someone might not think superiority jokes are not funny are: they can be hurtful or embarrassing, people only tell these jokes or laugh at them to make themselves feel superior, and many jokes -as in the Darwin Awards- involve the death of the person being made fun of.
Many superiority jokes that people laugh at can be very hurtful or embarrassing to the person they laughing at. Superiority jokes are jokes of people who did something embarrassing or stupid and another person, and then people laugh. Many people do not think this is funny because they do not think it is nice to laugh at someone because they did something stupid. At some point in everyone’s life, they do something stupid. This does not give people the right to laugh at them. Many people believe that people should not laugh at other people because the same thing could happen to them.
Many people only laugh at superiority jokes to make themselves feel better. They think that if they laugh at someone else, they will be better than the other person. A lot of people think that if someone makes fun of another, they will be made fun of in the future. This theory is called Karma. Karma is the effect of people’s actions throughout their lives. In other words, Karma means that whatever goes around comes around. Many people do not want to make themselves feel superior because they...


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