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I.S. 234                                                 Yuriy Holiyat
627                                                             8/23/10
Book Read: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Author: Rick Riordan
              Percy Jackson was a student
              at Yancy Academy. One day
              his friend told him he must
              go to a half-blood camp because
              he is a special hero, his friend
              was Grover a satyr. Percy has
              ten days (after training) to
              return Zeus’s master bolt
              because somebody stole it
              and he is the prime suspect.  

                                  Day 1                                       Percy, Annabeth and Grover were in the middle of Manhattan on a guest to find a lightning bolt.
They had to go west to San Francisco (across the country) to find Hades (god of the dead) and take back the lightning bolt .First they would get on a bus to the long island railroad. Right before they entered a tunnel the kindly one showed up (monsters) so they got off the bus and ran into the woods and hid then they walked out of the woods on the other side and found a street and store, they were hungry so they went to the store and were treated by a nice lady. But the lady was Medusa and tried to kill Percy, but Percy was too fast and sliced her head off.    
                                  Day 4
Percy and his friends got to restaurant and ordered 3 cheeseburger, but couldn’t pay for them but luckily Ares (the god of war) showed up and bought them the food and said he wanted to help Percy by giving him some extra supplies in a backpack. He also provided transportation to San Francisco. They got off and found themselves right in front of the Lotus Casino and Restaurant so they decided to stay in a world famous restaurant for the night.

                                    Day 9
Percy and his friends were in the...


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