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Keeper Review

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Novel Presentation -
    I’m not a soccer fan and I will never ever be but I highly recommend this sports novel “Keeper” by Mal Peet, because it is not only a story all about soccer but also a quite a surprising read that contains profound truths of life. The story begins as an interview with the protagonist, the extraordinary goalie El Gato sits in a small newspaper office recounting not only how he's just won the World Cup, but also how he became to the keeper he is today.  Alternating between current day and El Gato's childhood, Mal Peet invites readers to take on a vivid journey to his life. The journey is filled with mystery and magic, we can see the process of how a boy who had no talent in soccer became a World cup-winning goalkeeper. The boy’s future will duplicate his father's life in the logging camp. But one day, exploring in the forest, he meet a ghostly but a really real mentor- the keeper and through many exacting sessions the keeper turning him into a hero. It just like the story of the ugly duckling became a white swan, every event is written in action that allows you to be in the moment and it will leave you with a jaw dropping surprise at the end. This book has something for every reader and embraces a wide range of profound truth of life. If you think you won’t able to do something then this book would encourage you to have self-confident. If you feel reluctant to give up something then this book would tell you sometimes you have to give up something in order to get something. If you think you already achieve your ambition then this book will let you think about what other dream you have to aspire. Here is one scene, “EI Gato picked up the World Cup, a worthless, priceless and magical chunk of metal. He wrapped it in the shirt, put it into the leather rucksack, and walked out of the clearing, into the trees. The curtain of thick, glossy leaves closed behind him.” It describes Gato put down what he achieves and starts a new life as a...


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