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The State as an Incompetent Caretaker

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The state has become an incompetent caretaker of the sensible human mind.
As Danish citizens, we have become used to letting the state make the decisions that will make – or break -our entire future as individuals – ignoring that our individual aspect will have enormous impact on our collective and public inheritage.

We are all accustom to this situation. Haven’t we all tried giving our entire responsibility to someone else, - letting them do the work for us – with the demoralizing result that the product of the ‘trusted person’, was so incomplete - that we just know we could have done a better job ourselves!!
Therefore I say; let’s stop having these inferiority complexes about our own reasonable minds! Let’s stop giving the responsibility to someone who will destroy our raw, uncut potential!

Sadly, the fact is that we try to let the state fix our problems on a regular daily basis!
We look the other way when we see people in our society suffering – Having in mind that the state will properly solve this person’s problems on our behalf!   We all know that there are people out there who need social and financial help! But what we don’t realize is; the problems are getting bigger and bigger all the time!   – Why? – Because the state is not doing a good enough job!
We all hear about huge financial crises, and how we cannot afford to support our young, elderly and disabled – But still – All we do is criticize the state for not doing a good enough job on our behalf!

What I’m trying to tell you is; we keep looking the other way, ignoring that without the states interference, we could achieve something better!

Let me help you understand just how, the states interference has an insufficient effect in our society:
Political power controls our country. This power is possessed by the politicians in our ‘Folketing’. These politicians will do just about anything to keep this political power. The way the politicians do so, is by letting their focus be the same as...


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