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Eating Healthy 4

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Eating healthfully should be important to everybody. After reading, The Pleasure of Eating by Wendell Berry, I’ve determined which ways of eating responsibly could be possible for my family and me. The way you eat should be your number one priority.
Most people don’t know what they are eating: they aren’t aware of what their food is made of. They eat fast food or any other kind of fatty food because it tastes good, but one needs to understand that if you keep eating anything you want, without knowing what ingredients are in what you’re eating, then you are not eating healthy. By understanding what type of food you’re are eating and learning what types of things are in the food you’re buying, you’ll end up with a satisfying result. Berry states, “Learn the origins of the food you buy, and buy food that is produces closest to your home”.
A large number of foods are being produced in an un-healthy way. Nobody knows exactly what they are eating until they learn what is inside the food they are buying. Berry says, “Learn, in self defense, as much as you can of the economy and technology of industrial food production, what is added to food, and what do you pay for these additions?” Cow feed contains pesticides, and cows are given antibiotics to keep them from getting sick and hormones to increase their milk production. Whether or not these substances show up in standard milk is uncertain. Be sure. Buy certified organic milk, which means there were never hormones or antibiotics in the cow feed, and the milk was protected from pollutants during processing. When you prepare conventional food, there are some measures you can take to reduce your intake of pesticides. Be sure to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Peeling your food can help reduce the consumption of pesticides. For meat and dairy products, it is best to consume those foods that contain less fat as that is where pesticides typically accumulate in animals. Purchase skim milk or low-fat dairy...


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