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The play Fences, was written by August Wilson. Fences is about a family that goes through struggles and the fences around the household are symbolic in the story. The play begins with the introduction of Troy, the main character, and Bono, his friend, as they are socializing at a bar after a day of work. Throughout the play, the fence will be critical in the story and the struggles each character goes through. The fence was being built because Rose, Troy’s wife wanted the fence to protect the household from danger. This fence-building project has changed the characters’ lives and the fences serve as a literal and figurative device in Fences.
The fence is first mentioned in Act One Scene Two when Rose is singing a church song that was about Jesus protecting her like a fence and throughout the story Rose reminds Troy to finish building the fence. Troy procrastinates on building the fence because of his selfishness in doing what he pleases. The fence is also mentioned in Act One Scene Three when Troy tells Cory to come outside and help him with the fence. Ironically, while they are working on the fence, they have a good interaction and made a deal. Cory wanted to purchase a new television because he wanted to watch the World Series on television.
Troy makes a deal with Cory agreeing that if Cory made one-hundred dollars, he would match him and buy the television. The agreed and had a conversation about black players in the Major Leagues. The fence was a symbol in this interaction by Troy and Cory because there is tension in their relationship as we discover in the rest of the play. A contradictory situation to this event follows as Cory finds out that Troy told his football coach that he cannot play anymore. Enraged, Cory offends Troy by saying that Troy is afraid Cory will be a better athlete than him and the tension of their relationship continues.

In Act Two Scene One, Cory, Bono, and Troy are outside of the house building the fence again. Cory and Troy...


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