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The Greatest Place in the World

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The Greatest Place in the World
Driving into a legendary city, imagine a place that appears in the middle of a dry desert. Cars, buses, taxies, honking day and night, everywhere you look fluorescent lights are flashing in every direction. Colossal buildings rise high up into the sky as if they were able to touch it. The smell of cigarettes are so overwhelming that you feel like you would pass out at any given moment, but because the sights are filled with performers, astounding light shows and surprises at each corner, you wouldn’t be able to. From the sky, the city looks like a diamond in the rough; nothing shines brighter than the city itself. Out on the streets, screams of joy fill the air as people leap high in the sky with pockets full of cash. During the night, bright neon lights glisten at each entrance of every hotel, revealing the path down the strip. In hotels the sounds of slot machines rattle throughout the entire lobby. Individuals jump up and down as they prepare to trade their hard earned chips for real money. At the same time there is pain to the stomach, there is sour taste that fills people’s mouths as they watch poker dealers take away their entire inheritance, thus weeping and howling can be heard throughout the hotel. But with money in your pocket, this is a wonderful place to try your luck to win some more!   At the rear of every hotel, screeches of joy fill the heavens as little children run around and prepare to jump in the clear, calm pool. Just outside the renowned city awakes the beauty of the glistening Colorado River. A few miles down you’ll encounter the scene of the massive Hoover Dam. Heights reaching 221 meters, it is a sight to behold. Going back into the city, there is the gorgeous scene of the desert that unravels right before your very eyes.
Although many people have a different place they like to visit, I believe that this place is the best place for me and also for people that just want to kick back, relax and to have an...


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