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Why Were Castles so Important

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Why were castles so important?

The luynes castle was situated in the Loire Valley. It was a very important asset to Louis XI for many reasons including defence and housing, as well as a home for himself. It contained the following rooms: a dining room, A theatre, a library, the guard's room, the lounge, the drawing room, the king's room and Louis XIII's room. However, castles were crucial if you wanted to survive in medieval times.    

The castles in medieval times provided excellent defence, they usually had a drawbridge which could be brought if the castle was being sieged. It also had battlements where arches were positioned and it provided excellent line of sight to them. Castle usually had a motte which would have been very difficult to cross. For the battering rams it was nearly impossible to get to the castle and attack it because of the motte. Trebuchet's were able to fire at the castle with huge boulders, however the stone that made up the castle would fall on the heads of the enemy and kill them. Mangonel's would have had the same effect as trebuchet's. Arches would have had no effect. The only way that arches could damage a castle is to shoot the arches on the battlements. Fire arrows won't help because the castle is made up of stone and is not flammable. If the castle was getting sieged by rams and siege towers the arches on the battlements could shoot fire arrows and set it on fire.

Castles provided excellent housing. They were spacious as well as being very safe. The rooms were decorated with paintings. However the lighting was poor in the middle ages and that could not be helped. The castle were a great place for civilians to stay in. The king enjoyed a room all to himself. The castle during medieval times were very big and also housed horses as well as soldiers. Castle were great asset to be used for defence, they also housed many people.

Castles were not only a great defensive asset to a lord or king etc. but could also house many...


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