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Bull Fighting

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My speech today is about Bullfighting. Have you ever heard of this? Well if you have not bullfighting is a very popular sport in Spain. The classic style of bullfighting is Spanish. The matadors or the men who are fighting with the bulls (there are usually six men) ride in the bullring with a blinded horse. Stab the bulls with a lance, which clearly is going to infuriate the bull.   Then, the bull is going to attempt to move the horse with his shoulder muscles, which further weakens the bull.
Next, the matador will try to plant two barbed sticks or little barbed colored flags into the bull further weakening the bull through blood loss. In the next stage or the stage of death the matador, will renter the ring alone with a cloth and a sword stabbing the bull sometimes prolonging its death. After the final blow into the heart, it takes the bull a while to die. The bull dies suffering. Therefore, here is my opinion on bullfighting. First of all bullfighting is NOT a fight It's a systematic torture that pits a gang of armed thugs against a lone, frightened, and wounded animal.
Oh and better yet the bull does not even comprehend that the man on top of the horse is the one causing all the agony. It is not abnormal for the horses used in bullfights to so badly injured by the bulls that they have to be killed. Do you know what it is like to be a victim   of a bully? Well the same thing happens to some bulls they get hurt and tormented. I think it is ridiculous to have a good old jolly time while you are watching an innocent animal get tortured and brutalized it is not fair.


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