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Not Everyone Accepts That the Holocaust Took Place

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“Not everyone accepts that the Holocaust took place”

In modern history the term ‘Holocaust’ exclusively refers to the mass murder of approximately six million Jewish people of Europe under the German Nazi government.   Many, if not most people, believe that the Holocaust did happen. However, there are a few who insist that the Holocaust did not happen and that there was no systematic, organized effort to exterminate the Jews in Europe. The fact is that everyone generally accepts the Holocaust took place; however, it is very hard to prove it happened, just like any other historical event. When you really get to the specifics, you really can’t know if anything in the past happened or not, you have to choose for yourself whether you believe the evidence and information provided. Deniers of the Holocaust argue that the numbers of deaths have been exaggerated, that gas chambers were used for the purpose of delousing rather than murder, that Hitler intended to simply deport the Jews rather than kill them, and that most of the actual deaths were due to hard conditions at the camps rather than purposeful killing. This following essay will additionally prove them wrong.

Firstly, you have to understand that the Holocaust was not a single event that took place on any specific day. The holocaust lasted for around ten years. The holocaust started when the Nazi party came to power in Germany in January 1933. The Nazi party believed that Germs were “racially superior” and that the Jews were an “inferior” race, and that a person cannot be both a German and a Jew. This lead to the systematic extermination and inhumane slaughter of Jewish people, and it occurred in Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Austria and France as Germany conquered them during the First World War. The man behind the extermination of the Jews was Adolf Hitler; he was an Austrian politician and leader of the Nazi Party. He held an extreme hatred towards Jews. Hitler’s views on the superiority of the...


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