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Euthanasia 21

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I would like to begin my essay by expressing my opinion on the particular quote above.
I agree with the following quote because of very simple reasons. I think/suppose not everybody I know is familiar with the expression “euthanasia”. So at first sight the word might sound very long. And I am pretty sure one might guess many possible things about its meaning.
Once we know the meaning we can think about it. There are a lot of issues concerning euthanasia although it is politically incorrect to assist dying either actively or passively. There are cases where euthanasia must be applied or would be a good decision, but the situation in which one could be asked to assist dying is very difficult. The reason is you do not know how to react and what to say because you have no rights to finish someone’s life.
In that case I am neither in favour of it nor against it. I would prefer being neutral because I think dying is a very personal matter. Nobody has the right to interfere in someone’s life and finish it.
There are two countries in the world supporting mercy killing: the Netherlands and Switzerland.
Euthanasia will always remain a sensitive topic to discuss. From active to passive, from voluntary to involuntary, from the right to the wrong decision and so on.
If one helps someone dying, the person is automatically a criminal to my mind.
Doctors should not be allowed to interfere in a patient’s life. Applying euthanasia to patients or terminally ill people is like you want to get rid of them. They are alive and want to experience their last moments. Why take away their last worthy moments of life?
Moreover one should not cause death too quickly when one knows that this person is going to die anyway.
I admit that today’s medical technology has developed so far that everything is possible in the medical field. However, diagnostic reports are not always 100% correct. Such mistakes happen sometimes and at the end of the day one innocent human...


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