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Unemployment is one of the biggest problem of world. People who is

able to work but they can’t find a job define as unemployment.It is very common trouble which affects people’s lives

in bad way.Many people fear being unemployed because number of people who have to face

with this problem are increasing from day by day. Especially, we can see it in underdeveloped

countries clearly.There are two major causes of unemployment: social problems and wrong

goverment policies.

First of all,the foremost cause of unemployment is social problems.Rate of population

continue to increase and it causes to unemployment because there are more demands for

limited number of jobs.If   hundreds people apply a job ,only two or three of them will

take the job and others will be unemployed. Also,migration to big cities is a reason of

unemployment because migration increases the number of people in big cities and it

makes difficult to find a job .Moreover,discrimination   causes to being unemployed.Racial

discrimination which is an inhuman behavior is the reason of unemployment.We can see it in

USA and European countries.Black people can’t find a job as easy as whites because some

whites accept   to black people as second class person and they don’t engage them.In

addition,religious discrimination is an effective factor of unemployment because

some people aren’t accepted to job because of their religion.According to

Sowell,unemployment rates amoung young Frenchmen are about 20 percent and amoung

young Muslim men about 40 percent in France(Sowell, 2005, para.16).

Another important cause of unemployment is wrong goverment policies.It sometimes

creates economical problems.Economical problems can cause rising inflation so factories’

productions and profits decrease and the rate of severance increases.People lose their job

because of companies’ thriftiness precautions. Furthermore, judicial problems can cause...


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