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House of Scorpion Book Report

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Cloning of the Future
There is a big controversy today over Embryonic Stem Cell research.   Embryonic Stem Cells are cells taken out of the embryos about five days after fertilization, when a blastocyst if formed.   Many people believe it is unethical, and destroying the cells in the embryos is like murder.   The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer takes place 100 years from today and is about Matt, a clone, and his childhood.   Matt is the clone of El Patron, an opium drug dealer, who is one of the most powerful people on the planet.   El Patron owns a small country between Aztlan, Mexico, and the United States.   Matt grows up and learns more and more from El Patron and becomes smarter.   In order to understand The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer it is important to investigate author characterization and theme.
There are many characters in the Opium Business that are evil, however some characters are good.   Matt is the clone of El Patron and the main character.   The story follows Matt’s life starting from when he is six years of age to when he is 14.   During his early childhood Matt is living in hazardous life conditions.   For example, when Matt is six he is left in a room full of wood shavings so the maid does not have to clean up after him.   After El Patron rescues Matt he grows up to be more caring and becomes a smarter student.   Matt goes through a lot of hardships through his time in the Alacran household and after he escapes it.   El Patron is like a father to Matt.   The second El Patron finds out about Matt’s treatment he goes to rescue him and makes sure no one harms Matt again.   Even though El Patron is only in the story a little it is clear he is an important man and is highly respected.   Tam Lin is Matt’s bodyguard during Matt’s early childhood.   After El Patron is done rescuing Matt from Rosa, Matt has to select bodyguard.   He decides to pick Tam Lin because all the other body guards look mean, while Tam Lin looks nice.   Tam Lin lets Matt do...


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