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Giving Kids What They Want in Life

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When we give our children everything they want when they want it, we are setting them up for failure in life.
This statement is so true. If we do this we are not showing them any value in what they are receiving. I am a strong believer in working for what you need. Not what you want. What you want will come with the perseverance of hard work in the form of a reward.
Children this day in age are basically spoiled to the point they do not carry the same burden their parents once did. For example if I wanted a pair of $35.00 shoes. I had to mow lawns for a couple weeks just to get the money. Then clean the basement or something in that nature. I had the money but still could not buy them because my mom would say I did not deserve them. I had to prove it to my parents that I deserved them. Another example if I wanted to go to a friend’s house my parents would make me do all my chores and then walk to his or her house. Remember it is not what you want. It is what you get as a reward for working hard at it.
I guess what I am trying to say is if we continue to do this our children will not know what life has in front of them. They will go to work if they ever get a job and never have enough money to buy anything. Then will be back at home complaining about it. As a parent we are obligated to instill these values in our children. If we do not they will continue to look for hand outs from us and others. If they deserve it you will not regret doing it for them, but if you have any doubt then maybe you should make them work for it.


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