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Alienated Labor

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Alienated Labor

      Marx's theory about capitalism is explained as answers to his pointed questions about its natureof an society. I think Alienated Labor shows conditions in which people earn their living that can affect their bodies, values, and daily lives routine. Marx provides the proof of his answer in the theory of alienated labor worker earns more credit as it goes along and provides two classes of property   owners and propertyless workers. The people who do the work are simply labor workers. they do not own any type of equipment in capitalism. The capitalists are people to whom workers must sell their “labor power,” in return for a wage. I think Marx is trying to say that we have diverse economic class levels and groups that are categorized. The worker is alienated from his or her productive activity, playing no part in deciding what to do? or how to do it? The worker is alienated from the product of that activity, leaving him or her with no control over what is being produced or what becomes of it? or why is it produced? He or she is just a simple worker. “The worker is alienated from other human beings, since alienated labor : 1) alienates nature from man; and 2) alienates man from himslef, from his own function and life avtivity with competition and mutual indifference that seperates from other species” (text). Overall, the worker is alienated from the unique potential inherited in the view of human being there nothing in return Virtually. Basically Marx is saying that more effort you put to make an object , it does not have any attachment but I disagree because I think it becomes it attaches morre to you and become part of you, more valuable. Marx is putting relationship of an individual worker in two sperate views, a diminished individual. That is   physically not strong, mentally confused and puzzled, and isolated. On the other side of this separation are products and ties with other people, outside the control and lost to the understanding of...


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