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Buddhism - What Are Fossil Fuels?

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What are Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are the energy that we are dependent on, that the Earth provides. The technical definition is: “incompletely oxidized and decayed animal and vegetable materials, specifically coal, peat, lignite, petroleum and natural gas.”

What are the problems caused by Fossil Fuels?

When combusted, fossil fuels release lots of harmful emissions, contributing to global warming. Some of these include air pollution, water pollution, accumulation of solid waste, not to mention the land degradation and human illness. It is also not a renewable energy source, so at some time it will run out. We are close to that time.

What does this mean to Buddhists?

Buddhists believe that burning fossil fuels harms the environment. They say harming nature is harming yourself, and that you should live harmoniously with nature. Fossil fuels, when burnt, contribute to global warming, melting the poles’ ice, and stranding wildlife there, harming nature.

What do they do to help?

A Buddhist would try not to burn any form of fossil fuels. He would, as least as possible use his own or public transport, and walk as much as possible. They believe, Buddhist or not, that other people should follow what they do.

What can we do to help?

Simple. Do what a Buddhist would do.

So, Buddhism can be the way forward in this life?

Yes, people think their beliefs are reasonable, and optimistic, and their aims are focused in the current world.

Buddhist views.

‘This world evolved on the mandala of the 4 energies. Accordingly, in the Kaliyuga there is the possibility of destruction by the elements of heat, water & wind.’

‘As human beings, we are getting into very dangerous territory…. Our world could turn into a desert and we really need to be aware of this.’

‘Greed stops human intelligence evolving into wisdom;
human intelligence without wisdom becomes destructive.
It can destroy every aspect of nature.’


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