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Is Communism a Threat?

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Communism is seen as a major threat to American society—by conservatives.
Tea Partiers view Barack Obama—a center leftist politician at best, as a foreign born communist who is trying to take working class Americans’ hard earn money to impose a Stalinist dictatorship. In actuality, communism is not a threat. As long as elites control America and pump messages like this into the fearful minds of White Americans, communism is at bay.
Communism has become a racialised word in America. Its original meaning is watered down by Republicans, who pair a black man in control of the free world with the sign of the disintegration of America. It is incorrectly used interchangeably with socialism. The supposed danger of communism means White Americans lose their privilege and their foothold in the country. This of course is a scary thought to many Whites, but since we live in a mythical post racial society, they poorly hide their criticism of Barack Obama as “communism.” Even though, the Democratic Party is far from communist.
Communism is not a major threat to American society, just like it wasn’t in 1919. It was a lie made be the elite to stay in control. It was used as an excuse to discriminate against foreigners, Jews, Roman Catholics and black people. It was used to distract people from the low wages and horrible working conditions at the time, like the Steel Mill Strike and the Boston Police Strike. Communism is not a threat to America, intolerance is; the country is just myopic


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