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Advertisement and Power

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I strongly believe that advertisement has a big power which is used to encourage consumers buy product in the market.
The technique of factories that focus on performance of doing decisions of customers are known as a main point. Firstly, the buyers need to know about more details of the goods that they want to take. Next step, Usefulness of the products is a reason to explain to them why they have to buy results of the factories. Final step, Information about where that can sell the products near their house. Advertisement knows that and one by one try to persuade people bring more things to home.
Furthermore, mass media can create a tendency to consume a good by encouraging more and more potential people like it. When a number of products are sold, it seems that other people also would like to buy it because individuals   live around them really have it.
Moreover, The outputs may become more attractive by the notices. In some cases, the real results are not like them on television that are modified by using contemporary methods. As a result, when public see them through one of the channels of noticing, people, Immedialy, really want to buy them by any way, although he or she do not mind about features of the products. Customers just only enjoy their appearance and think them as jewellery.
Consequently, throughout our life, advertisement has an important role to improve economy of our area, although it does not reflect the real need of us.


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