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"What you do in life echoes in eternity" - Gon_b


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I have no idea wha(T) you are going t(H)rough and I am not going to try to underst(A)nd.
I am going to pray for you and do whatever I can to help you through your struggles because there is (N)o one in this world who I would rather give bac(K) to.
Demetria Lovato (Y)ou are going to change the entire w(O)rld someday and yo(U) better believe it :)
Thank You for Everything! :)

10 memories I will never forget about you,
Here it goes:

1) The first time I heard “I’ve always been the kind of girl that hid my face” and thought who is this girl and why is she hiding that beautiful smile.

2) When you made videos with Selena and said things like “Im Demi Lovato but no one knows who I am” Even though I didn’t really know a lot about you then I still thought you had the most AMAZING personality!

3) 8/9/09, When your mom sent you a text letting you know you won your first Teen Choice Award.

4) The emotion you put into Don’t Forget every single time you perform it. I could literally cry every time I hear it and I am not sure why? :p

5) 8/31/09, You came on stage wearing a Pat Benetar shirt (My mom loved it) at the Jonas Brothers concert in Toronto and I cried. They were happy tears of course. You performed just one song but that one song made my entire night so much more memorable.

6) The day you released Stop The World. It is my favourite song and I don’t think I can make it through a day without hearing it. Thank you! :)

7) When you said Dr. Avery from Greys Anatomy was “Very Nice”. By your expression I could tell you liked him just as much as I do :)

    8)The strength you show when you make it through difficult times. Even though you are so ridiculously beautiful & talented your “insecurities” connect you with everyone because ultimately we are all only human


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