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Puritan Essay

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Bradford/Smith Essay
At times, people can get contrasting opinions on the same subject. For example, a director of a movie and a movie critic may give opposing information about the same movie because the critic is honest, and unbiased, and the director, who is trying to attract viewers, is biased. A similar situation of contrasting information on the same subject occurred with two pieces of work written by colonists settling in the new world. William Bradford, who directs his piece of writing towards future readers interested in history, gave an honest documentation of the sometimes negative events that befell him, and he accomplishes his goal by giving specific examples of personal experiences. The purpose of John Smith’s work was to attract more settlers to the new world, so he goes about achieving his goal by using hyperboles and portraying the land in an extremely positive light.
William Bradford alludes to God to prove that his people were God’s chosen people. He is a Pilgrim and Pilgrims have strong religious beliefs that they follow in order to please God. Bradford explains throughout his writing that the things the Pilgrims do make God happy and that is why they do them. Everything that the Pilgrims do has an inner, spiritual significance and connects them to God in either a positive or a negative way. Pilgrims main goal in life is to have a strong connection with God and they hope to achieve their goal and maintain a stable relationship with him.
Captain John Smith’s purpose is to bring Englishmen to the colonies and have them settle there for a better life. He uses a rhetorical question to describe how much more fulfilling the new life will be. He also uses many hyperboles relating to wealth, crops, and animals to hunt, that will be available to you in the new world compared to where they live now. Smith wants to start a new settlement here and thinks this is a great area to stay because it is abundant with rich soil, animals, and free land. These...


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