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Anti Horse Slaughter

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Horses have carried man through time, and now it's the age of the auto mobile, so the horse is slaughtered. That's not right!! Horses are like angels, they carry us through the oceans of hardship... they give us wings that let us fly into the clouds of happiness, soar away, and capture our dreams.. so why slaughter them?
Horse slaughter, as many know, is not a humane way of death. In fact, it is far from it, with the horses being abused and tortured from the beginning of their journey to death. Horses that go to the slaughter houses are usually sold at auctions. Here, people called ‘killer buyers’ who
work for slaughter houses, bid for the horses there and send them straight to the slaughter house without awareness of their owners. This leads to many cases of horse theft and is a problem in the United States as well as Canada.
Horses are loaded up and sometimes dragged by chains into trailers, sometimes inhumane double-decker cattle trailers, which are illegal in some states. The horses Often travel hundreds of miles without food, water, or rest. These horses, once arriving at the Slaughter house, are taken out of the trailer and loaded into boxes where they are shot with a captive bolt gun, which drives a spike into their skull. These once majestic animals devoted to working for us now become human food.
In a lunch session at the slaughterhouse, a horse jumped out of its pen and came unnoticed up to some slaughter men who were sitting in a circle eating some sandwiches; the horse approached and nibbled a small piece of lettuce that a man was holding in his hand. The men gave the horse some more lettuce and when the lunch period was over they were so affected by the action of the horse that not one of them was
prepared to kill this creature, and it had to be sent away elsewhere – showing that within each human soul there is an element of pity, compassion and love. It is our duty to encourage the higher qualities to bloom and blossom wherever possible in each...


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