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Religion: the Atrocity Against Humanity

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Religion is just a delusion. Mankind's attempt to cope with the fear of death. Nothing good has come from it, but almost everything bad in history has. All religion has done was cause pain and misery, slowed down scientific progression, and destroyed the social system of civilizations for thousands of years.
    Firstly, these religions caused wars and inhumane actions throughout the course of history. The Inquisition, for example. Roman Catholics burning people who did not believe in "God". Also, many genocides occurred, as well. Hitler's Holocaust against Jews, colonization and conquest of the Americas which included the eradication of the native peoples that did not convert to Christianity, and the absurd witch trials. Witches are supernatural creatures, Christian supernatural creatures. The absurd trials just killed people for being accused of witch-craft, even though there was no evidence. The wars and terrorist attacks associated with religious beliefs include the Crusades, where Christians and Muslims fought over the "holy land", the Thirty Years War (Roman Catholicism against Calvinism), and the Jewish-Roman Wars. In modern day, religious wrong-doings still go on. Terrorism, caused by Islamic people who want to enforce a system of belief, viewpoint, or opinion onto the rest of the world. 9/11 and the Taliban are perfect examples of religious terrorism.
    Christianity is the cause of the scientific regression of the Dark Ages. The church persecuted many scientists and great thinkers for trying to prove the teachings of God wrong. Galileo, for example, knew the Earth revolved around the Sun. But the church arrested him, as they wanted people to believe that the Earth is the center of the universe. All discoveries or scientific learning that contradicted the bible was suppressed. Non-Christians like the classical Greeks knew that the Earth was indeed round, but the bible's mentioning of the "four corners of the Earth" made the church it was square and...


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