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A discussion on the correlation between Down syndrome and obesity.
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Paper Summary:
This paper discusses the condition of obesity in people with Down Syndrome. The author reviews existing literature which shows a positive correlation between Down syndrome and obesity as a coexisting condition, but concludes that there have been too few studies to identify the causes that result in the onset of obesity among such intellectually disabled patients. The paper suggests that the advancements in genomic science and stem cell therapy would aid in curing this genetic disorder, but til then, weight management interventions should constitute an important aspect in the management of Down syndrome.

Literature review
Role of Leptin (the breakthrough)
Metabolic studies
Obesity Screening And Health promotion Impact

From the Paper:
"Some researchers have focused on identifying the relation between Down syndrome and obesity as a co existing condition. Studies have been conducted to identify the differences in metabolic rates between the Down syndrome patients and the healthy population. The most recent research has thrown new light in understanding the relation between Down syndrome and obesity. The identification of Leptin resistance as the cause for high incidence of obesity among Down syndrome patients is considered a breakthrough in the obesity -Down syndrome research. A brief overview of existing literature on the subject will provide better insight into the topic and a better understanding of the association between the two conditions."

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