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Finding Peace in Siddhartha

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Finding Peace in Siddhartha


      "I have become distrustful of teachings and learning and that I have little faith in words that come to us from teachers." (Page 18) Siddartha experienced this when he was with the Samanas, still seeking for peace of the innersoul. He distrusted teachings because to attain peace, he must learn everything from himself. However, along his journey, he was indebted by a beautiful courtesan, a rich merchant, a dice player, a Bhuddist monk, and Vasudeva, for they had influenced him and he gained great knowledge from each of them.


      After leaving Gotama, the Illoustrious One, Siddhartha entered the life of a human being. He met a beautiful courtesan named Kamala and asked her to teach him the art of love. She said anyone who came to see her must be wealthy and therefore, she wouldn't teach Siddhartha for he was just a ragged Samanas. She introduced   him to a rich merchant named Kamaswami and from this man that Siddhartha learned to trade and became rich. Obviously, Siddhartha came back to see Kamala and she accepted him. They learned the game of love together and she taught him many many love lessons that she knew. From her that he learned love could not be forced, people could buy love, ask for love, but could not steal love. He also learned that people must grow old and die and that there was no endless life. Together, Siddhartha and Kamala had a son, Siddhartha, who could not love anyone, loved his son with all of his heart.


      Kamaswami, a richest merchant in town, hired Siddhartha as his assistance and from this man that Siddhartha tasted the taste of wealth. Kamaswami taught him how to trade, how to use the money, get money and everything that involved business. With his cleverness, Siddhartha comprehended everything quickly and used the money he acquired to buy gifts for Kamala. From a ragged Samana, Siddhartha became more brosperous everyday. He tasted riches, passion and power, but...


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