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Cross Swords Between Mankind and the Gods

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Cross Swords between Mankind and the Gods
Long ago mankind and the gods lived peacefully together, however there was a rebellious group, Armacrides, who thought that mankind should rule Greek and not the gods. More people started to join the group because Anthony (God of Mankind) was kind he didn’t do anything about it. However, his younger brother Marcus (God of the Underworld) was always pushing him to take action because he secretly loathed mankind and wanted to terminate it but poor Anthony doesn’t know. So Anthony though of a way so that he could teach them a lesson but he doesn’t have to lose their love and loyalty. So Anthony sat and wondered about what he should do, finally it came to him he should go after the mastermind of the whole operation, King Jermine. Anthony went after the most important person to Jermine his wife and when he found out what Anthony did it drove him crazy; he put his wife in a gold coffin that drowned her and her unborn child to the bottom of the sea.
After a while, Anthony’s older brother Aaron (God of the Seas) lifted the coffin where a fisherman found the dead queen and a little boy, and he took him under his wing and named him Peter. Years later, Peter grew up and one day while there were on a fishing trip, a group of Armacrides were destroying a statue of Anthony and out of the seas comes Marcus with some soul sucking demon and a battle has begun. The Armacrides won but Peter lost his family he was washed ashore and was taken to the new leader of the Armacrides. Some said that he was the son of Anthony but he keeps on saying that I am a son of a fisherman and not the son of Anthony. The warriors when to the new leader, Baltazar, to enlighten him with their victory and show him the wandering fisherman and told that his was killed today. But the leader is looking at Peter and finally asked him “Are you the son of Anthony?” Peter said no and now he is wondering why everyone is asking him this question ever since he arrived....


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