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A Cry for Fairness in Ncaa Football

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A Cry For Fairness in NCAA Football

Today in NCAA Division 1-A football, the national champion is decided by the Bowl Championship Series (known as the BCS). It consists of five bowl games and it's participants are determined using a ranking system. This system currently factors in a poll of coaches, a poll conducted by an internet marketing firm and a compilation of six computer programs to determine where a team is ranked throughout the season. On January 8th the teams ranked number one and two at the end of the season play in the fifth and final bowl game, The National Championship. If the two best teams could be determined on paper, without competing on the field, this system would be satisfactory. Unfortunately, the better team cannot be determined through polls and computer programs, that's not how sports work. According to a Sports Illustrated poll, 90 percent of fans don’t approve of the BCS. (Wetzel, par.4) Coaches, sports writers, fans, players and even the current President of The United States are incessantly calling for a playoff system to be implemented, after all, this is the only major sport in America without one; but the BCS is what we have for now and the organization seems to think that they've got it right.
Advocates for the BCS, including the organization itself, believe that this system creates one of the most exciting regular seasons in sports because it makes every game important. With a single loss, a teams hopes for a national title can vanish. This idea means that college football fans are more invested in their teams during the regular season, selling out games and creating massive television audiences. Once the end of the season rolls around the BCS bowl games create an exciting atmosphere too. More student athletes are given the opportunity to compete in these spectacular events which they will fondly remember forever. "The whole bowl experience is great. It's just like bowl camp, a good time to bond with the guys after a long...


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