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Trespassers Will Be Shot, Survivors Will Be Shot Again

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Trespassers Will Be Shot, Survivors Will be Shot Again
Immigration is a touchy subject in the United States. For a country made up of immigrates denying a group of people the right to immigrate is surprisingly not new. Throughout history the U.S. government has denied countries immigration rights for many reasons but the most used one is immigrates are taking jobs from native born citizens. In the grand scheme of things that simple statement has some integrity. Despite being used to the point of callusing it’s true. To think that illegal immigration is not an issue would simply be ignorant. This issue is one that needs to end. Illegal immigration not only hurts the U.S. but it has an even more drastic effect on Mexico. Building a wall on the U.S. and Mexican border is only the first small step in calming this mass migration of the Mexican people.
Many illegal immigrants get the name “illegal” because they entered the country “illegal.” A method that is popular with immigrants from the Caribbean and central American countries is to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach the U.S. Usually they get here in a homemade boats or rafts. Some immigrants from South America fly into Mexico then try to cross the border. In Mexico the most commonly used method is on foot with assistance from a “coyote,” or a human smuggler. Many other illegal immigrants try cramming into shipping containers, trucks, cars, vans, or train boxcars to get across. Almost always a paid off corrupt police official helps them get where they need to go. No matter what the cost the biggest risk they take is their life. Surprising the increase in technology and better enforcement of laws has decreased the amount of immigrates that successfully make it into the U.S. If they are caught and deported back to their country the likely hood they will try again is very high (“Illegal Immigrates”). Many try more than once, some until they physically can no longer do it, i.e. death. For the U.S. every country has a...


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