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How to Get Rid of Waste Products?

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How to get rid of waste products?

We all more or less know what food we eat and of what products it is made, what things we use and of what details they consist. But are we familiarized enough with what we leave after ourselves? Are we informed enough about consequences and damages for environment   made by simply thrown piece of paper, spit out gum or dinner leftovers in our bin? Do we know how each of us could help to get rid of all kind of waste products?
But the first question that should be asked is: what is a waste product? It is any unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted. material. There are   many types of   waste products: hazardous waste (e.g. Chemicals), food waste, medical waste, pollutant, wastewater.
There are no harmless waste products. They affect environment, interfere with our health and welfare. Waste can be a cause of many diseases, such as yellow fever, plague and even cancer. Also, growing amount of waste products has influenced world’s social and economic sides. Governments have to invest more money and increase budgets for environment protection, refuse collection and removal.
However, there are ways how to get rid of waste or at least how to reduce its amount. For example, in Copenhagen there is a waste (paper, plastic) burning factory. It was opened in 1970s and works very productively till nowadays. This factory is one of the most important weapons against waste in Denmark.
Also there are a lot simpler methods how to reduce waste products extent and each of us can easily contribute to it. Sure, one person cannot change this serious situation, but if everybody puts some personal effort into fighting with trash, we can change something and we can make our lives if not better than cleaner and safer indeed.
First of all, we can start from sorting. The main elements into which you can split waste products at your home are paper, glass, plastic and other waste (metal, electronics). Everything you have to do is to throw rubbish into...


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